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Motivation: How to Make it and Keep it Coming

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

How to Motivate Yourself

What is motivation? Motivation is wanting to accomplish something. It is the drive and direction that comes from within to make a change and see the results.

Sometimes we feel discouraged or overwhelmed and say things like “I can’t do this anymore.” This is a common thought and it’s important to be aware of these feelings when they come up for us so that we can do something about them. One way to make sense and find some relief from these feelings is by creating your own motivation, instead of waiting for it to show up to push us towards what we want. Motivation is not a prerequisite for productivity and is not a requirement to do something or achieve a goal.

For example, “I have no motivation to do homework.” We create and cultivate our own motivation, “I did not want to do my homework, but… I made plans to go to MOD for dinner, so the faster i get my work done the faster i can eat pizza with my friends.” When we create a “push” towards something, the likelihood of that thing happening grows. Do not wait for you to “feel” like doing something, because that may not happen, instead, entice yourself to do that thing, make it more fun or rewarding.

Make a plan and take small actionable steps

Celebrate small victories along the way

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

-Albert Einstein

What are other ways to create motivation for ourselves? One way is through an actionable plan. Begin by defining your goal. Then break down the goal into smaller ones (sub goals). Make a to-do list with each of the sub goals you created. Write down actionable steps that you can take to reach the sub goals in the list. Then celebrate every time you check off something from the to-do list! The small achievements of reaching your sub goals will keep you motivated to keep working till you reach your main goal.

SMART is an easy guide to creating goals:
















Clear and specific goals that tell you how and where to get started; real numbers and details

Trackable goals where you can see progress and completion

Defined steps that are in your control

Goal is achievable and can actually happen

Specific date and amount of time to achieve goal; real deadlines for accountability

Another way to create motivation is to look at your support system and the people around you. It is important to surround yourself with positive and driven people. These people can increase your energy level, inspire you to do what they are doing, and learn from their mistakes and successes . You can also receive encouragement and support from these people when you are feeling discouraged or stuck. Having people around you that help you grow feeds your journey to keep marching on the path towards what you want, even if it's a bumpy road, you are not alone.

These are just a couple examples on how to self motivate. There are many other ways to motivate yourself! Celebrate each daily win and accomplish the small goals! Hangout and socialize with positive people! Thank you for reading this small blog post on self motivation. I hope you found this helpful and will try to incorporate these tips into your daily life.

If you want help with your goal setting or finding motivation, click on the book now button below to set up an appointment today. Read more about our therapists and how they can support you under the therapist tab.

Talk soon!

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