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Why choose Houston Feel Good Therapy?

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Why choose us?

Life is messy, therapy shouldn't be.

Whatever brings you here, know that you are in capable hands. We are highly trained and ready to help you seize this opportunity to make the most out of your life.  This practice was created to empower everyday humans to rediscover their courage and strength, through a calm, non-judgmental environment.
Making therapy feel approachable and authentic is important to us because the time that you spend here is valuable. Choosing to take care of yourself is hard work, so when you show up and give your all, so do we. 
This is more than just an office for therapy, at Houston Feel Good Therapy you have a personalized experience:

In-Person and Teletherapy Appointments

Your time is valuable, so we meet you wherever you are. Tele therapy (video) and in-person sessions are available Monday through Friday. We make our time together easily accessible so that you can start feeling good now.

Indoor Snake Plants

Talk in between sessions

Our worries and stress are not scheduled and many times, we continue to struggle outside of the therapy hour. We have a secure messenger for each of our clients where you can ask for help, tools, or update us, without having to wait until our next visit. When unexpected things happen and you need support, we are only a click away; we can stay connected and on track towards meeting your goals in and out of session. 


Often times we have a lot going on and it can be a hassle trying to find the time or courage to call and schedule an appointment or even leave a voicemail. Our clients can view our availability any time of day to schedule their own appointments all online. No matter where you are, no matter what time it is, you don't have to wait to get help.

When you make the choice to reach out, you don't want to have to wait months to see a therapist, you need help now. We offer evening and same week appointments so that you don't have to wait to be heard. We see clients in the office/tele Monday through Friday, with hours from the morning, to the late evening.

Evening/same week appointments

At the end of the day, we all just want to feel good.
that is our specialty.

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