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kelly chappuis

Kelly Chappuis MEd., LPC, CCATP
Anxiety and Relationship Therapist

Owner, positive thinker, happiness finder, smile giver

Kelly Chappuis


I truly believe that everyone has the capacity to be happy and feeling good is achievable when we believe in ourself. No one is an island and being part of a team sometimes helps us see ourselves in a new way way that leads us to be better friends with our authentic selves. Whether you are struggling with relationship issues, managing stress at work, school or home, negative self talk and self esteem, or just know that you don't like where you are and need something to change, I can help. 

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I want to help you find your "feel good." I take a strengths-based, authentic approach to counseling when working with teens, adults, and families on an individual basis. I aim to grow insight and feelings of success, while fostering an understanding, non-judgmental, and validating environment. Everyone has a movie that is set on repeat playing in the back of their heads, lets make yours work for you.

My spirited nature fuels my many passions and my ability to connect and uplift clients. Often times we chase perfection and want more control than is realistic or possible in our lives, thus we get stuck in our suck and struggle with our own worthiness. You do not have to tackle life alone. 


I am inspired by my clients effort, vulnerability, and perseverance. I love my job; I have the honor of riding in the passenger seat to my clients journey to success, weathering the ups and downs, helping them create intention and see themselves for the epic human beings that they are.

It can be all to easy to get trapped in the "I suck" loop that plays in our heads, where we are plagued by self loathing, doubt, shame, guilt, and isolation. Strength to overcome is grown from within and my role is to encourage you and uphold accountability.



I have worked in many settings: schools, social services, community support groups, hospitals, and group private practice. I have training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and am a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Provider (CCATP). Throughout all of my professional journeys I have prided myself on being authentic, energetic, and compassionate. Creating a validating environment enables me to guide clients outside of their comfort zone, where they grow and find their courage and strength. It can be difficult to sort through our thoughts alone and gain a realistic perspective that gets us unstuck; feeling like we are part of a team, knowing that we are understood and not alone, is a comfort that we all need.

I love nature and being outdoors; it gives me a sense of groundedness and connection, which is very comforting; knowing that there is something bigger than me out there. I think that there is a unique and powerful type of healing that goes on when we are outdoors. A curiosity that blooms from the surrender and acceptance that comes from the unknown in the wilderness. Just like in nature, no matter what is going on in our lives, the world keeps moving, life goes on and tomorrow always comes. From this natural energy, my love for hiking, camping, running, and roasting marshmallows has grown. I share this thirst for adventure with my husband and our two dogs, Charlie and Jackson. We spend much of our free time at the dog park, traveling, or exploring new culinary tastes in Houston or in our own kitchen.



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