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Holding Hands

Why relationships matter

No one is an island; no matter how alone, independent, abandoned, rejected, or strong we feel, we all need relationships in our life. As humans, we rely on other people for support, a sense of belonging, connection, amongst other things. It was said in an article at Syracuse University, that "the quality of our relationships is the single biggest predictor of our happiness—more so than business success, physical health, wealth, status or fame (" So when we have better people in our life, we are happier, makes sense but is not always easy to uphold. Relationships are a huge part of the 

Signs of unhealthy relationship

Signs of unhealhty relationships

I would put the types of issues couples come to see me for, which are: emotional dysregulation, conflict management, ineffective communication, affairs/infidelity, and attachment styles





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How to be a good partner:

What to do in a relationship to make it work

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