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About Feel Good Therapy

How many of us find ourselves "just making it," going day in and out doing the same routine, feeling like we are sitting in the backseat to our life watching it pass by, out of touch and out of control. Molding our life into what we want and feeling good, starts with sitting ourselves down and having a vulnerable conversation about where we are and our honest reality: something’s not working and we can't do this      alone.

We can't redo our past, fix all of our mistakes, or change people, but at the end of the day we can feel good about understanding ourselves and choices, accepting our imperfections, and taking brave steps into the unknown to do something different to get unstuck. Stepping outside of that familiar, comfort zone and into a place of courage, can invite shame, self doubt, criticism and fear; no one goes through life unscratched and the truth is that sometimes reality just sucks. 

We are here to help you understand the suck that you are rumbling with; through this insight is an opportunity to build self compassion, inner strength and show up in your life like you never have before. We all have unique experiences, relationships, epic failures and epic comebacks. These make up our story, authored by us, where we do not always have the power to choose what happens, but always choose who and what defines us, how big those chapters are, and what makes us feel good along the way. 

take charge of your story and
take back your life



teen Struggles

Being a teenager can be lonely, aggravating and leave you feeling powerless. From mountains of expectations, pressure from questions like "what do I want to do with my life," and a constant rollercoaster of emotions, feeling heard and validated by a support system is vital during this time of transition. We build that safe relationship with our clients to foster comfort and understanding.

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stress Management

Anxiety and stress are season ticket holders in our lives as we are faced with change and venture out of our comfort zones. Since they are here for the long haul, having help with learning how to manage those overwhelming feelings provides structure and guidance. 


Pressures of connection, professional 
achievement and just needing a break can leave us feeling trapped, irritable, anxious, and lead us to do and say things that are embarrassing and unhealthy. Adulting is hard, so having a team equipped with non judgemental ears is essential for acceptance and change.

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Addictive Behaviors

We do the best we can to learn how to manage stressors in our life, but at times we get stuck using unhealthy coping skills and in patterns of dependency on substances, social media, relationships, food,  etc. Understanding why we rely on these behaviors can help us get control back and moderate the impact of negative side effects on our lives.

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  • Phone chat about what brings you in and how we can help.

  • One on one video or phone therapy, flexible location with same care.

  • One on one session in the office, working on feeling good now.



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