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Under supervision of Robyn Reyna LPC-S,RPT-S

Maribel Hernandez LPC-Associate, NCC, Play Therapist In Training

Play Therapy, anxiety, dysregulation, life transitions, BIG emotions (English and Spanish sessions offered)

 Co-regulator, Optimist, Creativity cultivator


Have you or your child ever noticed that you struggle to regulate even after using a breathing exercise you learned online or in a book? What if I told you that you may be struggling due to attempting to reach a state of calm? Regulation does not always look calm! It is actually meant to reconnect yourself with your body.

As we traverse through life, we may need additional support from someone like a therapist to help us navigate through emotions in our life when we are struggling. As a therapist, I regularly find myself teaching regulation and co-regulation tools both directly and indirectly. My goal is to provide my clients with a safe space to express who they are in order to help them see what their authentic self looks like. Throughout the therapeutic process, I aim to incorporate appropriate skills, tools, and knowledge as needed in order to help my clients feel empowered and in control to create desired changes in their life.

My approach is integrative and collaborative with an attachment theory perspective. I believe that each person is unique and has a one-of-a-kind worldview that has been influenced and shaped by their lived experiences. For this reason, I tailor my therapeutic approach depending on the client.


Seeking out help for your mental health can be scary, so please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


When I am out of the office, I enjoy treasure hunting at thrift stores (especially for board games to add to my collection!), being out in nature, going to new coffee shops, spending time with loved ones, playing my Nintendo Switch, and watching Netflix with my cat. I appreciate the things that bring me joy in life as they help me recharge in order to be fully present as I navigate through life.

Make changes today.

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, National Certified Counselor, and hold a certificate in bilingual counseling with an emphasis in Spanish. I am also currently working towards my Registered Play Therapist credential. I enjoy working with children (4+), adolescents, and adults with concerns regarding anxiety, self-esteem, stress, dysregulation, life transitions, ADHD, and trauma. I have clinical experience providing services at a counseling center where I worked with adults, a non-profit organization where I worked with at-risk youth and their families, and private practice where I worked with children, adolescents, and adults.

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