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Teenagers are one off the most misunderstood people. They are treated like children and expected to act like adults.


   Being a teen can be like riding a roller coaster, joyful highs that quickly plunge into dramatic lows, with unexpected twists and turns. Between difficult peer relationships, school pressure, mood fluctuations, and solidifying a sense of self (identity), keeping yourself on the track can be exhausting.

   Middle and high school are already filled with stressful expected changes, which makes the unexpected ones even harder to cope with, like divorce, loss of a loved one, moving, and breakups. All these changes force adaptation, which can be hard when you feel alone, unheard, or misunderstood.

   Having a safe space for a nonjudgmental dump of frustrations, worries, fears, pressures, and expectations can be the relief and release you need to slow things down and figure out what to do next.


   Parenting a teen can feel just as daunting. As these young adults traverse the unknown so do you along side them, trying to figure out ways to connect and create some type of common language.

   As their lives change, finding common ground becomes more difficult and challenges your relationship with them. This tension can lead to frustration, anger, miscommunication,  and arguments. 

   Our role on this journey with your family, is to help identify these breakdowns in communication and connection and create a new understanding and a plan for the people you are today. 

Common feelings from Teens

Common feelings from parents

guilty, confused, disconnected, frustrated, overwhelmed, worried, unappreciated, discouraged, stressed      

Teenage years come with unique developmental challenges that can leave parents feeling: 

Or thinking
"what did I do wrong?"     "I don't know what else to do?"      "how do I help them?"

Repairing your relationship with your teen and/or finding ways to help them with their struggles can be hard to do alone; something is not quite working and has lead you here. Take a deep breath, because you made it; together we will identify the needs of your teen, develop tools and skills to help them cope, provide a safe space for their thoughts and feelings to be heard and validated, and give you strategies to better support them.

The struggle is real. You don't have to do it alone. 

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