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stress management

Stress Management

Stress is a part of everyday life. So what do you do when you feel like your stress is taking over?

   Stress is a tension that can go beyond what we feel is "normal" or logical, can be difficult to cope with, and even explain at times. Stress is our mind and bodies response to any demand, whether that is pressure at work or managing a relationship, to pulling our hand away from a hot stove or grabbing the dog before they step into a busy street; stress is a necessary part of our lives, so why does it sometimes feel so dramatic and out of control?
   Ideally, stress pushes us into action when we need to do something. But the boundary between healthy stress and anxiety can be hard to see and control. Anxiety happens when stress, fear, worry, or unease interferes with what we do on a daily basis. When these thoughts and feelings become too loud and persistent, finding a safe space inside our own heads can feel impossible. 

What we stress out about: 

Feeling lonely or disconnected, pressure to perform or meet expectations at work, school, or home, difficulty managing relationships with friends and family, difficulty managing illness and loss, lack of organization or focus, feeling unproductive, lack of motivation, feeling like whatever your doing  is just not cutting it

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What stress looks/feels like:

Persistent and/or negative thoughts, self doubt, nightmares, flooded with panic, worry, guilt, overthinking, nausea, feeling paralyzed, apathetic, racing thoughts, unwanted thoughts, insomnia, neuroticism, fast heart beat (palpitations), feeling of impending doom, sweating, isolation, existential angst

What to do with stress:

Managing stress and anxiety can feel heavy when you are doing it by yourself and without a plan. Understanding your anxiety and using mindfulness, will help you organize and find clarity within your head. Learning skills for managing these thoughts and feelings will provide you with tangible tools and guidelines to practice. 

When is stress too much?

   Stress becomes out of control when we find ourselves backed into a corner, when we don't know what to do next or where to go. We are here to help. We have extensive training in anxiety which puts you and your worries into very knowledgeable hands.

   Do not let anxiety define who you think you are; getting you on track to living the life that you want, doing what makes you happy, and feeling more in control is some of what we can accomplish together.

   Everyones' stress looks different, so don't be deterred from therapy if you feel like your anxiety is "not bad enough." Getting help for stress management is something that everyone can benefit from; taking a look at what is working and what is not, then creating new intentional patterns of thinking, doing and feeling, that better meet your needs.

   Freedom from feeling trapped by your stress is within reach.

This is an opportunity for you to take charge of your stress
and start living your life.

If you ever needed a push to get started, here it is.

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