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Mother and Son

Parent Support

Get help with navigating parenthood

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs, which makes it hard to always feel confident in what you are doing and feeling. We are here to help you navigate parenting struggles by providing parent training, as well as a tailored parenting workshop. There is no rule book for parenting, but there are ways to feel more understood and supported. Together, we will help you learn how to communicate with, discipline, and support your child or teen.

No one is an island, no matter how alone or out of touch we feel we have become, we all need relationships in our life. As humans, we rely on other people for support, a sense of belonging, connection, amongst other things. An article by Syracuse University said that "the quality of our relationships is the single biggest predictor of our happiness—more so than business success, physical health, wealth, status or fame (" So when we put intentional effort into understanding ourselves and what it means to us and our loved ones to be parents, we are all happier. 

Parenting Workshop

Through this personal three session workshop, Katy Child uses tools from Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) to help you enhance your relationship with your child/children by strengthening your parenting skills. We help you feel more confident in managing difficult behaviors, learn how to effectively talk with your child/children, and how to set boundaries and give commands. Parents can use the workshop as a standalone tool or as an evaluative tool to personalize further therapy sessions. 

Family on Digital Tablet

Session One:

- Understanding your child's emotions

- Emotion regulation 

- Parents as models

Session two:

- PRIDE skills

- House rules

- Effective commands

Session three:

- Behavior in public spaces     - Social skills

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