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how therapy works

therapy works

"Therapy is like personal training, if you want to see results, you have to practice in between sessions. You can't show up once a week and expect for your life to be different, you have to put in effort everyday to see a change."


What is therapy?

Therapy is a resource to gain a better understanding and insight into what is going on in your life. Through this nonjudgemental and realistic perspective we figure out whats working, whats not working, and what you can do about it. With a better understanding of yourself, your experience, and your goals, success is more attainable. 

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Who goes to therapy?

Therapy is not just for people who have a diagnosis or cannot get out of bed, therapy is a tool to help all humans make more sense of their life, to get more connected with themselves and learn how to feel good more often. 


What does therapy look like?

Therapy looks like a weekly conversation about what you are experiencing (worry, low self esteem/mood, pressure, anxiety/stress, disconnection), understanding what it means, and learning how to manage it. Change doesn't happen in only an hour a week, lasting change requires work everyday. So although our sessions are 50 minutes a week, everyday practice through repetition and consistency, are necessary to see real change happen and feel the warm fuzzies of success. The length of therapy looks different for everyone depending on what we are working on. In general, the more active you are in the therapy process and seizing opportunities to challenge yourself, the faster insight is found and change is made.

Free consultation

Nervous about taking the next step? Talking to someone new can be uncomfortable, call us to schedule a free 15 minute consultation, where we can have a warm conversation about your questions, what brings you in, and how we can help.

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