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Talking to a therapist can feel uncomfortable at first, and will probably push you outside of your comfort zone; feeling any and all of these things is very normal. Most of us feel uneasy with change and the unknown, but it is in this discomfort that we find strength and a new path.
When we first meet, my goal is to learn about you; you are the expert on you. Downloading me on your life and what you would would like to gain from therapy, helps me get to know you and build goals together. After the first session we will explore your experiences and build insight, understanding, and change.

What to expect in therapy


Our first meeting is about getting to know the basics of your family, building comfortability, and identifying what your goals are for you and your teen. I meet with you first to get the family history and then meet separately with your teen to get their perspective and start building our relationship.

Sessions following the first, I will meet with you for a short, 10 minute check in to get updated on what's been going on since our last visit, give you feedback regarding your teen, and answer any questions you may have. The remainder of the session will be spent with your teen, working on  growing insight, understanding, and change.

what to expect from therapy

 Session info



You can make an appointment by clicking the schedule box below, by filling out the contact form on the contact page to request that an appointment, or you can reach us by email or phone listed at the bottom of the page.


Nothing is required except you. If you would like to bring in journals or documents to share, you most certainly can. 


Please fill out the intake paperwork and other documents before your appointment time. If you are bringing in a minor and have a custody agreement or divorce decree, please upload those documents to the portal or email that to us before your session. This gives us time to read over what you have filled out and get to know you before you come in.


When you schedule an appointment, your credit card information will also be taken to hold your appointment time. We would prefer cash or checks, but will also accept credit card payments. Payment will be collected at the time of the appointment. You can read about our fees and services that we offer by clicking the services box below.



We are out of network with insurance providers but can give clients an itemized receipt to email to their insurance company for possible reimbursement. Insurance companies can be restrictive with clinicians diagnoses and treatment plans, which can interfere with what we feel is best for your success. This gives us the ability to individualize therapy to our clients' unique needs, not to what the insurance company dictates their needs to be or are eligible for. Since we do not have to commit time dealing with insurance companies, we are able to see more clients; this means that we can dedicate more time to each client. You deserve to have quality therapy, our job is making sure you get it.



Kelly Chappuis M.Ed, LPC, CCATP

$175 per 50 minute session

taylor pic full body sm size.jpg

Taylor Blunsen LCSW

$160 per 50 minute session

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