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Jenny Nguyen, LMFT-Associate

(Supervised by Dr. Afshana Haque, LMFT-S)

Relationship therapist-couples and families

Hearty Laugher, Compassionate Human, Empathy Promoter


Do you feel overwhelmed? Find that you have reached a standstill in your life? Seeking a change in your relationships? Know that you have the ability to ask for help and for someone to provide a helping hand. As humans, we just want to be heard, seen, loved, and respected. These are the nuances when it comes to having human relationships and experiences with our loved ones. It is human to want and need connection.


It is safe and easy to stay within our comfort zones, places that seem good for the moment, but we cannot grow here; the reality is that something has to change. My mission is to help my clients challenge their comfort zones, knowing that they have the inner strength to live a fulfilling, “feel good” life. 


I come from a huge family and enjoy spending time with them, along with my 2 adorable pups, Luna & Rocky. In my free time, you might find me stuffing my face at yummy places around Houston, traveling, or hanging out with friends. As a fellow human being, I continue to grow on my own mental health journey; it has given me great joy to walk alongside my clients as they make beautiful connections with themselves and loved ones.



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I have experience in non-profits, graduate school clinics, and psychiatric practices. I feel comfortable working with all ethnicities and cultures using tools from multiple disciplines to tailor therapy to my individual clients. I have specialized training in family systems theory and the Gottman-Method. Many of my couples and families seek support with: addiction, infidelity, trauma, communication, attachment styles, divorce, family and/or life transitions, co-dependency, depression, self-esteem, stress management, and grief.  My speciality is helping couples and families create meaningful change towards better relationships and understanding of themselves and their loved ones. I believe in providing a non judgmental, safe space, where clients feel comfortable processing their emotional inner world, whether that be with a partner/spouse, family member(s), or solo. 

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